Hermann Plank ist USA Channel Experte für den Bereich Plastics. Hermann Plank is the President and Owner at TecnoKal, a marketing and technology consulting firm in Scottsdale, AZ. Mr. Plank specializes in developing and marketing manufacturing technologies in plastics for medical/medical devices, automotive, consumer and personal care products and sustainable packaging solutions from renewable resources. Mr. Plank is an expert witness for a luxury automotive manufacturer and several Big 15 Pharma Company on medical devices and considered one of the leading experts in plastics manufacturing. Mr. Plank is also in the top 5% performers (GLG Leader) for 10 consecutive years in the Gerson Lehrman Group Council providing consulting services to the investment community on Wall Street. Mr. Plank holds a Masters degree in Plastics Technologies from University Leoben, Austria, is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and speaks three languages - English, German and Italian. If he is not busy looking for disruptive technologies he enjoys the occasional cigar with a nice glass of red wine!